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This site is for musicians who play Scandinavian folk music: the largely traditional music of Sweden, Norway, Finland, and Denmark. See Instructions for how to use it.

It began in answer to the challenge of how to bring new musicians into an existing spelmanslag (band), where the repertoire to be learned can be very large. Rather than perpetuate a paper culture of binders or even an ad hoc distribution process via email, I decided to bring the repertoire online for some of the groups I play with.

Many people contribute to the tunes played by each group. They organize workshops and teach tunes, they transcribe tunes onto paper and distribute them, and they select the music for Scandinavian dances. I have gratefully built upon their work in the materials on this site.

Many regions in the U.S. support Scandinavian dance groups and associated musicians, and there are many great sources of information about Scandinavian folk music, including other tune archives -- check out the Resources area.

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October, 2005

Latest News

Peter "Puma" Hedlund

The tunes and recordings for the workshop in Doylestown, PA have been posted (July 12, 2015).

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Some background about the site.

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Folk Tune Finder

Highly recommended for searches for all sorts of folk music (based on ABC) -- FolkTuneFinder.

ABC files and FolkWiki

I have been working with FolkWiki, an ABC-based wiki (publicly editable) archive of Scandinavian tunes, to provide ABC notation files for every tune in Blue Rose and a cross-reference to the same tune at FolkWiki. You will start to see FolkWiki links pop up wherever there are ABC files.



Tunes: 2003
Transcriptions: 2029* icondoc
Missing Transcriptions: 6
Workshop Recordings: 537iconrec
ABC Notation Files: 19
FolkWiki links: 90

*more transcriptions than tunes because of variants