Various scribblings of potential interest. If by someone else, the authors are indicated. Click on the music disc icons to hear recordings.

Tune Analyses

Sometimes a tune’s structure piques my interest and I want to understand more about the mechanics of it as a melody — how it works. These articles are the result. Musical perceptions are often very personal, and these analyses reflect just one person’s opinion.

See here for an excellent grounding article on music theory with some very high quality linked articles. Its discussion of Celtic music applies well to Scandinavian music.

2434 – Polska efter Näktergal Erik Ersson
iconrec  Brodd Leif Andersson & Staffan Eriksson

1017 – Polska efter Blank Anders
iconrec  Kungs Levi Nilsson
iconrec  Per Gudmundson

2150 – Polska efter Bleckå Anders
iconrec  Gössa Anders

2449, 2454- Systerpolskor efter Timas Hans
iconrec  #1 Pål Olle & Nils Agenmark
iconrec  #2 Pål Olle & Nils Agenmark

2356 – Västermarnspolskan efter Byss-Calle
iconrec  Leif Alpsjö

1060 – Isakas-Karl-Hindrikas Vals
iconrec  (midi)
iconrec  B1 (midi)
iconrec  B2 (midi)

Other Articles

The Swedish Nyckelharpa in Its Historic Context

Devices vs Brains: Musical Memory (managing and using the 2000 tunes on BlueRose)

Waving My Hands in the Air (comments on fiddle bowing and Bodapolska)

Swedish Folk Music: From village greens to concert platform
Author: Dan Lundberg, 1998

The Dissemination of the Nyckelharpa
Authors: Gunnar Ternhag & Mathias Boström, 1999

The Keyed Fiddle
Author: Jan Ling (English summary), 1967

Favorite Keys for Scandinavian Fiddle Music, and Why